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Get to Know Me| Part 2

Part 2 of the Get To Know Me series on my blog, there will be three more parts to this is the next coming months. I hope you are learning new things about me, leave something interesting about yourself below, I really want to learn something new about my readers.

  • Do you have any special talents?

No, I don’t think I do. I used to take part in acting showing at school and I used to dance but I didn’t continue any of these due to having other priorities.

  • Where were you born?

I was born in Birmingham, England.

  • What’s your zodiac sign? Do you believe in it?

Yes I do believe it. However you may have seen something going around that the Zodiac signs have changed which would now make me a Pisces. I don’t think I fit a Pisces so i’m going to stick with being a Aries.

  • What are your hobbies?

My only hobby is blogging. However, when I was younger I took part in drama performances and I also used to dance but I gave both up due to other responsibilities.

  • Do you have any pets?

Yes, I have two dogs, they’re both shih tzu’s. One is a boy called Milo and my family got him in 2017. Then in 2019 we got a girl pup called Molly.

  • Do you have any siblings?

I do. I am one of 5 from my Mom and one of 6 with my Dad. I am the eldest out of the five and second eldest of my Dad. I have one half sister who is 25 and then I have another sister who is 12 and then my three brothers are 19, 16 and 14.

  • What do you want to be when you grow up?

This is such as hard question. It keeps changing, first it was a social worker, then a midwife, then a primary school teacher. I have been studying primary education with the Open University for the past 2 years, I go into my final year in October.

  • Who was your first best friend?

I actually don’t have a best friend, but when I did her name was Chloe and we went through school and college together but lost touch afterwards.

  • How tall are you?

I am tiny. I am only 5″3.

  • What is the least favourite thing about yourself?

Least favourite thing about myself would be being socially awkward. I get so worked up about phone calls and going to mass gatherings.

I hope you have learnt something you didn’t know about me before and forget to leave me a comment down below. I will hopefully see you all next week with a brand new post. What to see more from me check out last weeks post 10 Small Businesses I Recommend.

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10 Small Businesses I Recommend

I love buying things from small businesses. Ever since having my little boy I have been doing it even more. I am going to share some of the items I brought from small businesses and give a little review. I will link all small businesses mentioned and products I have brought, plus their social media if you wanted to check.

Hand Dummy Clips

I found this company on Etsy. I was looking for some theethers from my little boy as he was going signs of teething. I saw the silicone ones everywhere online, so I took to Etsy. I was looking for ages then found this company who was selling cute silicone bunny theethers in many different colours. They are £7.99 each and come in many colours. I ordered the mint green one first and then after that one arrived, I went back and ordered the grey one. The theethers are made from silicone and beech wood. The silicone connected to the bunny ears creates a smooth and cool surface that will help cool the gums of the baby. The handle is also textured which will help baby’s sensory development. My little boy adores his and I will also take one out with me in his changing bag.

My own image

Instagram- @handmadedummyclipsx



Soul&Fire is a small business created by Alice Thorpe, she is a youtuber and freelancer and I watched her for a long time. Soul&Fire sell prints, stationary and greeting cards. Recently Alice launched some weekly and daily planners that are the Get Sh*t Done planners. They are amazing quality and come is recyclable packaging. I will be purchasing again. If you check out there Instagram page you will see that one of my images has been posted on their page.

My own image

Instagram- @Soulandfireuk



Huntershats is an Instagram store that sell baby items either personalised or not. I looked at these products for ages before I purchased from there. In the end I purchased a fair amount and I am really happy with that I purchased. I brought the Navy Loungewear with baileys initials on. A summer set (shorts & t-shirt) with Bailey on. A denim jacket with Bailey’s name printed and one with his name embroidered on. The last thing I got was a navy winters hat. The quality is amazing, I love everything I got from here. The only thing is that you can only buy from Instagram there isn’t a website or a store you can go to, but the items are beautiful.

My own image

Instagram- @hunters.hats

My own image

GrowWithMe Box

I have mentioned this small company a lot over on my Instagram and I have reviewed 2 boxes on my blog here already, if you want to see what type of things to get Click here for box 1 and click here for box 2. I found this brand by searching baby or toy subscription boxes for babies. I thought it would be really nice for my baby to experience getting a little surprise each month just because I love receiving my glossy box every month. If you want more information about this company, click on the box 1 link and you’ll find all the information on that post.

My own image

Instagram- @growwithmeboxx

Totesforyouu & Sewtotes

I have not purchased from either of these small businesses yet, but I am planning to, so I thought I’d still share them with you. They are both embroidery businesses both sell tote bags and I think totesforyouu are planning on bringing hoodies and t-shirts out soon & Sewtotes are also working on some lovely things. If you are a Disney fan, I would definitely look at Sewtotes are they have some great Disney themed bags. I found totesforyouu on ticktok I have been following her journey since she started and shes 18 and I follow a fellow Blogger on Twitter her name is Bryony and she is lovely, please check both and don’t forget to purchase.


Sewtotes Instagram- @sewtotes

Totesforyouu Website-

Totesforyouu Instagram- @totesforyouu

Moonlight melts

I personally did not purchase anything from here I won a giveaway. I won a medium sample set which comes with 6 wax melts. All I received smell amazing my favourites are ‘unicorn fluff’, ‘fresh linen’ and ‘Ultraviolet’. When I have used all the wax melts I will be repurchasing.

My own image


Website- @moonlightmelts

HL Creations

I’ve been following this company on Instagram for a while and I have been eyeing up loads of their products but haven’t purchased any until the company released 3 different sized organisational bags. When reading their post, they mentioned organising your baby’s changing bag and Bailey’s changing bag is always a mess and items are all over the place. I pre-ordered mine and they came on Tuesday when this goes live, and I absolutely love them. You can personalise them and pick your own colour tassel which is a lovely touch. As soon as I took pictures of them, I put them straight into the changing bag and they are incredible. The quality of them are also amazing, I will be buying more for own handbag for when I go back to work in October.

My own image


Instagram- @hl.creationsstudio

Alice Lizzy

Alice Lizzy is a small business that makes clay earrings. They are all hand made in the UK and all look amazing. You can purchase the earrings on depop or there is an etsy store where you can purchase. I am yet to purchase from here, but I am planning on buying a few pairs in the next few weeks. I shall keep you updated on my Instagram stories on how they wear and the quality on them. I have a discount code for you lovely lot to use. Use the code MEGANLOUISE10 for 10% off your order. This code is only active until 6th August so you have a week to use it, you can only use this code on Etsy.


Instagram- @alicexlizzy

TD Tees

Tie-dye is in at the moment and the items this seller sells are amazing and look like they are really good quality. I found the company TD Tees on Instagram when I was searching through the a hashtag (#shopsmalluk).The sell items of all ages, I think the smallest size they do is 6-12 months. I am looking into buying me and my little boy matching hoodies. I am really happy with the price range from the small business and the sell hoodies, socks and t-shirts I believe. This is another Instagram seller so you can only purchase on Instagram.

Image by TDTees_

Instagram- tdtees_

That’s 10 Small Business I recommend, let me know if you purchase from any and I’d love to know what small businesses you love, let me know in the comments. Don’t forget to use the code MEGANLOUISE10 for 10% off at AliceLizzy.

Check out my previous post Bailey’s 6 Month Update! | First Time Mum

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Bailey’s 6 Month Update! | First Time Mum

How is my baby half a year old already! I can’t believe it, it’s gone so fast. Bailey has changed so much from month 5 to 6! He’s little personality is now coming through.


Bailey is now 6 months old meaning I am able to start weaning him properly now. Even though I started at 4 months old I am going to start baby led weaning from now on wards. I introduced him to some finger foods from Ella’s Kitchen for example, the melty puffs. They come in all different flavors bailey’s favourite is the ‘tomato & Basil’ ones. He also at some wafers that come in blueberry, strawberry & banana. This encourages self feeding and bailey coped very well. He has also tired some yogurts this month they were the milkybar ones and the wildlife ones that have strawberry & peach. He loves his food so much especially when he is able to feed himself.

His milk intake hasn’t changed at all, he is still having 7oz bottles every 3 to 4 hours. He still leaves 1.5-2oz unless he is extra hungry. If you didn’t know Bailey has formula and the formula I use is the SMA Extra Hungry.


Bailey’s sleep hasn’t changed to much, he will have between two and four naps a day. One after breakfast, one after his lunch and one just before his bath usually. The one after his dinner is usually his longest nap and will last up to around 2 hours the other are anywhere between 15-45 minutes. Bailey also sleeps through the night unless he needs a nappy change after a number two which isn’t very often. He usually wakes up between 8-9am and goes to bed around 8pm-9pm, so he sleeps around 12 hours a night.


Bailey can now sit up on his own and reach out for toys from the sitting up position. He was doing this towards the end of the last update but has developed this skill and is now a lot more stronger. He can also pass toys between both hands. He also laughs, talks and screams at lot more. Also this month Bailey painted some pictures for the first time. Before I don’t this I done a paint sensory beg and the week after I let him explore the paint and he absolutely loved it. Another thing he loves is water play, he was playing in his paddling pool when we had the nice weather he was splashing everywhere.

That’s everything I wanted to talk about this month but I just wanted to ask a question, Bailey is going to be 11 months at Christmas but I am struggling to think of ideas of what to get him so any ideas would be helpful.

My Previous Post Grow With Me Box Review| First Time Mum

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Grow With Me Box Review| First Time Mum

So it’s that time again where monthly subscription boxes come through unfortunately there was an issue with Glossybox so I’ll be just doing my little boys one. If you aren’t sure what this is then check out my first one of these (GrowWithMe Box Review| First Time Mum). He has now moved onto month 5.

This month came with 5 items, just like last month but the were slightly different. He got a magic ball, a grasping toy, a mirror, a cage bell shaker and a book. Let’s go into more detail…

Magic Ball

This ball contains so many different colours, patterns and textures. It’s made from a soft cloth and each leaf of the ball reveals something different when folded. The ball also makes a rattle noise when moved about. My little boy loves rolling things in the floor with me.

RRP: £10.20 (Click Here to Buy)

Cage Bell

This was one of Bailey’s favorite this month. The bell jingles inside this colorful cage with an handle that is perfect for tiny hands.I have found that this is really good for Bailey’s sensory developments especially his sense of sound. It also helps with his fine motor skills as he holds on to the handle and shakes.

RRP: £6.69 (Click Here to Buy)

Grasping Toy

This one is Bailey’s other favorite. This toy is made out of high quality wood and fits perfectly in tiny hands. The beads slight around and the bell jingles when it is shook. This toy is also saliva proof for baby’s gums when teething. Bailey has taken a liking to wooden toys lately.

RRP: £8.83 (Click Here to Buy)

Mirrored Hexagonal Softies

I’m not really a fan of this just because it represents everything upside down. However, the handheld is surrounded by EVA foam which means it is safe for babies to use. Bailey has held this mirror and tried reaching out for the ‘baby’ in the mirror as babies don’t recognise the own reflection until about 9 months old.

RRP: £7.00 (sold on amazon for pack od 5 for £35 Click Here to Buy)


This months book is ‘Ten Little Fingers’. I have already read this to my little boy about 5 times. He looks reading book with me, his favorites are the moment are ‘Where’s Spot?’ and ‘Dear Zoo’.

RRP; £4.78 (Click Here to Buy)

All together this month the box totals at £37.50. I saved £7.50 which I am extremely happy with. If you haven’t seen my first review of this box you should, I explained the box and the concept a little more. If you want to have a read Click Here.

My Previous Post Bailey’s 5 Month Update| First Time Mum

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Get To Know Me!| Part 1

I have just noticed I have been posting weekly on here for about a month now and you lovely lot don’t know a lot about me. So I took to the internet to find a get to know me tag, I will leave it linked at the end if you want to have a look at it. I’m just going to dive in.

1.Are you named after anyone?

No, my first name ‘Megan’ isn’t named after anyone however my first middle name is ‘Elizabeth’ and that has been given to the oldest granddaughter in my family for generations. If I manage to get a daughter and she is the oldest granddaughter she will have the middle name ‘Elizabeth’. My second middle name is ‘Louise’ that isn’t named after anyone either but my last middle name that is ‘Ann’ is after my Mom as she has the ‘Ann’ as her middle name. That’s the run down of my first and middle names.

2.When was the last time you cried?

The last time I cried was yesterday when I’m writing this as I can’t believe that my little boy is going to be six, YES SIX MONTHS OLD!

3.Do you have kids? If no how many do you want?

Yes, I do I have a little boy called Bailey he is currently 5 months old and will be 6 months old on the 20th July. I do want more kids maybe another 1 or 2.

4.If you were another person would you be a friend of yourself?

Yes, I’d love to have a friend who is like me.

5.Do you use sarcasm alot?


6.Whats the first thing you notice about people?

Smile, Eyes and Body Language

7.What is your eye color?

I have blue eyes!!

8. Scary movies or happy endings?

Happy endings for sure, however I’d only watch scary or horror movies with someone. Yes, I am that person.

10. Favourite Smells?

My favourite scent is the Unicorn Fluff was melt from Moonlight Melts.

That’s all for this part of the Get to Know me tag, I will be going this over 5 posts so if you want to get to know me some more then keep an eye out for them.

If you want to see the questions I am using you can find them here.

Check out my last post Bailey’s 5 Month Update

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Bailey’s 5 Month Update| First Time Mum

How is my 7lb 2oz baby 5 months old already?! 4-5 months has definitely been the hardest so far for me so far. Sleep Regression hit hard this month, he would only nap for 25 minutes maximum. Apart from that not a lot has happened this month.

Food Routine

If you had read Baileys 4 month update you’d know that is started him with breakfast. From 16 weeks he had 1/4 of Rusk (link rusk), after a week I would introduce another 1/4 so by 19 weeks he was having a full rusk. Bailey would then have an 8oz bottle. At 19 weeks old I brought his bottles down to 7oz this was because he would only drink the maximum of 6oz so I left an extra 1oz just in case he needed that extra bit. At 20 weeks old I introduced him to the Cow and Gate 4-6 months baby purée foods. The first day he didn’t get on well with it at all, he has about 2 spoons and that’s all.


What’s sleep? This month has been very up and down especially with his sleep. Sleep regression is HARD! I watch so many tips and tricks videos but nothing helped him. He wasn’t bad during the night although he did wake a few times, not wanting a feed but to a cuddle or his dummy to settle him again. It was mainly the day, he would only have 10-20 minute naps a day so it was difficult to get everything done. However, we are slowing coming out of that now.


Bailey can now sit up unaided for about 20-30 seconds at a time. He hasn’t got enough core Strength to sit up straight unaided but I’m sure he will get there this month. He also found his voice a lot more this month, he talks, giggles and makes noises all the time which is super cute, I love having little conversations with him.

This post has been super short, there really isn’t much to update you all on even though I thought there was. I feel like there’s going to be a lot to update you all on next month.

Check out my last post which was Glossybox June| World of Beauty

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Glossybox June| World of Beauty

My turn to talk you through was I got in my subscription box. If you didn’t read last weeks post you won’t have a clue what I’m on about but last week I talked about my 4 month old baby’s toy subscription box (GrowWithMe Box Review| First Time Mum). Anyway, this month has the theme of world of beauty. Let’s dive in….

First of all I love the tissue paper this month. I has loads of different images that represent travel and the world. I’m not going to lie to you but I have kept the tissue paper aha. This month came with 5 full size products and I am impressed with the selection. I paid £11.25 for the box and the postage of this box. I will link the products as I go on and I will total the amount I have saved at the end.

Huda Beauty- Life Liner

I don’t wear eyeliner personally but my Mum does so I have gifted it to her and asked her what she thought. The eyeliner is dual-ended with one end being a liquid liner and the other end being a pencil. When asking my Mum was she thought about the eyeliner she told me that she loved the colour as it was extreme black, it also didn’t smudge throughout the day. The only thing she didn’t like was that the liner it very hard to get of as it is waterproof.

RRP: £22.00

Vintage cosmetics- Makeup Remover Cloths

I have seen a few different companies that do these makeup remover cloths that just need water but I have never tried any before now. They don’t get all of my makeup off however they do get the majority of the makeup off my face. What I have been doing with these is using these cloths to wash my makeup of first then going back in with a cleanser. I have found that this works best for me.

RRP: £7.99 TheVintageCosmetics MakeupRemoverCloths

LaSplash Eyeshadow Brush Duo

I’ve never used anything from LaSplash before so I was looking forward into testing the brushes out. Both brushes pass the brush test meaning none of the hair came out when I pulled slightly on the end which was good. However, I didn’t think much of the defining brush, when cutting my crease the brush left the concealer looking patchy, I don’t know if that was just me. I got on really well with the setting brush though it blended the eye shadow really well.

RRP: £15:00

ModelCo Liquid Mental Eyeshadow

This product is beautiful but I just don’t know how much use I will get out of it. I have used it three times (I think) so I could review it for this post but I don’t think it will be a staple in my collection. It gives the most beautiful glow to any makeup look and it lasts on the eyes really well. However, I wouldn’t pay £15 for this product you could get much cheaper dupes.


Beautaniq Beauty- Revitalising Eye Gels

This is the only product I have tested out yet, with a baby it’s hard to find the time to have a good pamper session. However, I have heard a few good reviews about this product so I am looking forward to using it and it will put it on my instagram stories when I have to let you all know if I recommend the product or not.

RRP: £4.05 BeautaniqBeauty

Total amount: £64.04

Check out my last post GrowWithMe Box Review| First Time Mum

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GrowWithMe Box Review| First Time Mum

Subscription box for babies? I know right, such a good idea! Grow With Me Box is just that. I get a beauty subscription each month with Glossybox and I love receiving it so I wanted to see if there was one out there for babies/toddlers. After a lot of digging and searching found Grow With Me.

About Grow With Me Box

It was co-founded by a lovely lady called Ahlam in the UK. She has recently turned 28 years old and has a beautiful little girl. She comes from a teaching background and knows that 85% of the brain is developed in the first 3 years of life. She had a complicated delivery when giving birth and found it difficult to find the time to research and source the toys that would stimulate her daughter. I have the same problem which is why I’m glad I found this box. The box came into the making from March 2019 and it was launched July 2019, so the company is nearly 1. GWM is a family run business as her husband and sister play a big role in running it.

GWM box is heavily researched as each box is tailored to your baby’s age and stage of development. The research is done using journals, research papers and books. Subscribers feedback also plays a big part in research as a result the contents are always changing and evolving.

You can check out their Instagram Here.

My Review

Before receiving my box going to the website it has a ‘spin the wheel’ I got an email on the 2nd June and it was at my front door on the 4th June. The delivery service is really quick. On to the packaging it is 100% recyclable. It comes with a protective layer and then all the toys are in the cardboard box. When opening the box you receive an information leaflet about what is included in the box and how it benefits the child’s development, a mini card with the socials on and in this particular box a message about COVID 19 which is a really lovely touch.

I’m going to try and link all the products down below or a similar product if I can’t find it. If I have added it up correctly this box is worth £34.28, with the discount I won off the wheel I got it for £23.99, saving £10.29. I also forgot to mention that the box is available right from newborn up until they’re 18 months old but the company is hoping to expand the age range.

On to the box I received, I got the 4 Month Box which is correct. They chose the correct box for your baby by their date of birth so when you subscribe you enter the child’s date of birth and you will get the correct box for your babies age.

In this box I received 5 items, three of which were toys, one was like a blanket (it will make sense when I go into detail) and the other was a book.

1. Sensory Foil Blanket

As a nursery nurse I knew all the benefits of having foil blankets. It a brilliant learning tool. From the information in the box it tells you that when the babies holds and grabs the blanket it will create lovely noises for the babies to experience. It will help their touch and sound senses. It will make tummy time more fun for the baby as it claims to encourage the babies natural instincts to kick and make movements which builds strength, the babies will also love the effectiveness of the blanket. When using this item it must be under adult supervision at all times, the item shouldn’t be put in anyone’s mouth and also if the blanket does rip you must discard the item. I haven’t tried Bailey with this yet but I hopefully will within the week and I’ll let you know how it goes on my instagram.

RRP: £3.50 TheLittleSensoryBox

Bead Rattle

I’ve never seen rattles like these before and I must say I was quite impressed. The rattle is made from finely manufactured wood and it’s a lot easier to hold compared to other rattles we have. As you can see in the image it has a few different colours which encourages the babies to grab it. When I gave Bailey the rattle he instantly grabbed hold of it and put it straight into his month. I was a bit worried about that at first however when reading the information it states the rattle is painted with non-toxic-saliva proof paints. This rattle will benefit the babies fine motor skills.

RRP: £7.99

Bruno Cuddly

This is Bailey’s favourite item from the box. From the moment he wakes until the time he goes to sleep he has Bruno with him. The bright colours and the different textures really attracted me and also Bailey to this toy. The cuddly also rattles, it is my little boys new buddy. As it says in the information it will improve the child’s dexterity and because of all the different textures and colours the cuddly will stimulate the little ones senses.

RRP: £11.49

Sensory Textured Ball

I’ve never seen anything like this product before. The ball is made out of natural rubber foam. Due to the velvety texture it is a grate stimulant for the babies. It is so easy for Bailey to hold and he got really excited when I showed him the item.

RRP: £6.31

A Book- Cook it

Every month, no matter how old your baby or toddler is you will always get a lovely book. I think that’s such a good idea and it will encourage more parents to read to their children. This month it was the book ‘cook it’. I have already read this to Bailey even thought he is only four months old. He enjoyed looking at the pictures and really trying to turn the pages.

RRP: £4.99

I couldn’t recommend this company enough to you all. It’s fantastic. Having toys delivered to my door every month that a based on his age and his development as filled me with confidence. It also give me guidance to what I should be doing. Click here to go and subscribe to the service. You won’t be disappointed.

I also spoke about the Black Lives Matter situation in my previous post, if you would like to check that out then please do it was titled Being white is a privilege?!. It would mean a lot if you could.

Megan Louise

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Being white is a privilege?!

Many people see being white as a privilege. I’m not surprised as the media and society provide that stereotype. However, being white isn’t a privilege, being a human being is.

I’m sure most if not all of you have heard about George Floyd. He was a black male who has his life taken away from a white police officer who thought it was okay to place his knee on to his neck. Floyd was pleading for him remove his knee but he wouldn’t. By this point Floyd was in handcuffs and was face down. The officer wouldn’t remove his knee from his neck which led him to become unresponsive and he later died in hospital.

Since then protests have taken place and there’s been an up raw on social media, which isn’t a shock. Black Lives do matter. We are all human, we all have the same body. We all have the same FEELINGS. No matter your skin colour you still have a heart and you still know right from wrong!

I am white myself but I don’t consider myself more important than the next person. It doesn’t matter on your skin colour, if your religious or not you’ve been out on this earth for a purpose, My a God or whoever/ whatever you believe. We all start of as a baby and grow old. The colour of your skin or where your from, what you morals have etc shouldn’t matter especially in this day and age.

By now we should all be able to have the same opportunities. Equality and diversity is what the world needs. Unity and strength but for some reason not everyone believes this! Why? What makes whites so different to black or any colour skin for that matter?

I am heartbroken about the situation and I will never be able to understand or know what you feel. I send all my love and thoughts to all the people who are suffering in this unkind world.

We need to unite and come together and show everyone, we all matter! No matter what skin colour we have we are all human and our hearts all beat the same.

I am going to link a few petitions and just giving pages that have been set up to support people who are going through this terrible terrible situation. if you can please donate and sign these petitions. If you are unable to do that educate yourself and use your voice!

Black Lives Matter Website on this website you’ll find a donation page, petitions you can sign and many resources to share and educate yourself. Please make sure you use your voice.

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Immunisations | First Time Mum

Immunisations, ahh the hardest thing to go through as new Mum and a baby (it is so hard to even type Mum as i’m used to Mom). Bailey has now had all three rounds of his immunisations and is now up to date until he turns one.

A bit of background information here, they have changed the schedule (New Schedule) at the start of January 2020 as because Bailey was born on the 20th January this year he has been following the new schedule. So one this new schedule that I will link if you are interested says at 2 months old the child should have 2 injections (one in each leg) and the mouth drops, at 3 months the infant is to have another two injections (in the right leg) and the mouth drops. At 4 months the child is to have another 2 injections ( one in each leg).

First Round

Bailey had his first round of immunisations on the 20th March 2020 which is the date he turned exactly 2 months old (8 weeks). He had to have 2 injections one in each leg and mouth drops. The one of the vaccines was the 6-in-1 which covers diphtheria, hepatitis B, Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib), polio, tetanus and whooping cough. The other vaccine was Meningitis B. At 8 weeks old the infant also has mouth drops that was rotavirus which I have never heard of before. Rotavirus is an infectious stomach bug.

Bailey had these at about 11am I believe. I had never heard him properly cry before this, it was heartbreaking. I was advised to give him 2.5ml of calpol 30 minutes before his appointment to avoid a high temperature which I done but he still got a very high temperature.The high temperature was due to the meningitis B vaccine as the nurse warned me about. The highest it go was 38.7. He done pretty well with coping with these, he drank pretty much his normal amount and basically slept all day which was the best thing for him at that point.

Second Round

His second round of injections were on the 20th April 2020 when he was 3 months old. Each round of injections must have a space of at least 4 weeks between them. This time bailey had 2 vaccines and the mouth drops. The first injection was the 6-in-1 vaccine (2nd dose) and Pneumococcal vaccine which is the pneumonia vaccine. He also had his second round of the rotavirus drops.

Bailey again has his appointment in the morning and he had 2.5ml of calpol before his appointment. This time he had both vaccines in his right leg. Bailey was a lot more unsettled this time around as he had two in his right leg. He didn’t sleep much during the day but after his bath he settled really well and slept all through the night. The day after he was doing a lot better.

Third Round

This round of immunisations was the last round until he turns one! This time he had his third dose of the 6-in-1 vaccine and his second dose of the meningitis B.

This time Bailey had his appointment in the afternoon which was the first change and then the second change was that we had to travel to a different doctors surgery this is because our medical centre open up a dentist downstairs and the staff didn’t feel safe enough.

Bailey struggled a lot with these injections especially because of the hot weather in the UK recently. When we got home from his appointment he slept for most of the evening. His night routine was still the same I still managed to give a bath then a bottle and he settle straight after.

The next day however was difficult. He woke up at about 4/4:30am, which was the first night in ages where he didn’t sleep through. He settled back off and woke up at around 6:10/6:30. He wasn’t settling back of so I decide to get up and give him a bottle of 8oz and he left 3oz. At around 7:30 he settled back to sleep for around 2ish hours. He did have a temperature of 38 so I did give him some calpol. Bailey was okay then until around 3pm where he didn’t start to get very frustrated and uncomfortable he wanted me to hold him but didn’t at the same time. He only really has 10-15 minutes nap that day. He wasn’t really drinking his milk he would leave between 2-4oz in which wasn’t like him at all. He was also teething as his gums were really hard so I think that contributed to the unsettled day. He has his last bottle of the night at 8:30pm and he left 2oz. He then was asleep in bed by 9pm and he slept all the way through.

The third round of immunisations was the worst for me. Just because of the teething and the hot weather to. However, I am glad that he has had these done, it’s all for his benefit. If you have any questions for me about these immunisations leave them below of get in touch by following my social media. I will link them at the very end for you.

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